LETA English Course & Sightseeing

LETA is offering memorable courses for non-English speakers that will be both fun and educational. The courses combine English group or individual classes teaching English through the LETA learning by doing style with professional sightseeing tours across beautiful and historical Vienna.

The daily English classes take place in the morning in the classroom at the LETA centre with a LETA trainer, and then in the afternoon, students head into Vienna to tour the city with a professional tour guide from Viennatour. (www.viennatour.at).

The courses run for a minimum of 5 days and can be extended to fit individual or group requirements. Daily timings are flexible to complement existing schedules and days can be lengthened or shortened to accommodate these. LETA is offering packages for adults, teenagers 14 years + as well as specialist profession based English e.g. Medical English for doctors.

Summer English classes and sightseeing tours run Monday to Friday throughout the summer. Please note that sightseeing is optional.

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